•TYPE 1: The Perfectionist
•TYPE 2: The Giver
•TYPE 3: The Performer
•TYPE 4: The Tragic Romantic
•TYPE 5: The Observer
•TYPE 6: The Loyal Skeptic
•TYPE 7: The Epicure
•TYPE 8: The Boss
•TYPE 9: The Mediator
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  Welcome TO Enneagram Academy of China!
  •About The Enneagram
      With a history of centuries, the Enneagram is arguably the oldest human development system on the planet. During the past decade, the system has undergone a renewal of scholarly attention within the context of current personality typologies. The result is a reliable integration of psychological insight about human differences, set alongside a non-sectarian body of spiritual practice that relaxes inner resistance while encouraging inner receptivity.
      The word enneagram means a graph of nine. Each of the nine Enneagram personality profiles has a distinct, well-developed coping strategy for relating to self, others and the environment. Each of the nine types also has its own precise path to psychological and spiritual freedom .
  •Why needs to understand Enneagram?
•Enneagram have provided real, a depth and each level clearly demarcated map understand themselves.
•Enneagram lead us to study behind the behavior the starting point are also the behavior motive and the attention focal point, when you knew that behind our side important person's disposition has to the world different view and the experience, when you know their starting point, when you learn about their starting point, you then may have more containing, the mutual forgiveness and putting oneself in another's place.
•Enneagram have provided the method which many kinds of effective and may confirm immediately, assists you to attain individual growth, but these methods may also widely utilize in aspects and so on commercial, education, training, family, professional manager's enterprise development as well as interpersonal relationship.
•Enneagram have ability to assist you to promote itself comprehensively.
•Enneagram may help you to understand that own limitation, the study jumps out this limitation, creates a harmony perfect life
•Enneagram may assist you finally to discover that the individuality superiority, the study makes good use of these superiority, the creation ideal value
•Enneagram make you did find “who me are?the ultimate answer, henceforth, you no longer received the disposition the puzzle and the control, controlled your life completely
  •Studies and understands Enneagram study way?
Enneagram Master Helen Palmer suggested that the best study method is participates in nine personalities the labor workshops. You are unable by to read study nine dispositions, what because the books describe are more is the external behavior, therefore, when you read, you will possibly detect that your which type the special characteristic will have, therefore, suspected that oneself will be the multiple personality disorders. Actually, what nine personality revelations is behind the people behavior intrinsic motive, this is needs to penetrate the honorable person to share, teacher inquires, the thorough exploration can discover that therefore, participates in nine personality labor workshop, you .
     •The thorough observation discovered that “who I am?
     •How does your ideological mode and affect your decision-making?
     • How does your value orientation and affect your enterprise ?
     •How does your mood respond and affects your interpersonal relationship?
     •How does your inertia behavior and affect your growth?
     •Your individuality superiority and the individuality limitation take to you what kind of individuality experience ?
     •You in the enterprise develops the individuality barrier and the breakthrough direction
     •You in interpersonal relationship individuality conflict and improvement skill
     •You in intimate relation individuality puzzle and solution method
  •Who more suitable to study Enneagram?
Enterprise's CEO perhaps policy-maker: Once had known your nine personality individuality type, you on nature clearly in policy-making time, how you “the filter?will screen and the filtration decision-making information. Nine charts will make your decision-making to be more objective comprehensively .
Enterprise's HR: Once had known you have grasped nine personality this tool, how you do know on the nature elect to the human (, because you knew, elects one looks at ability to person's important attribute; second, looks at disposition); With (you will help boss to the human to provide personnel reference, will analyze from individuality special characteristic, how to drive and impel, how to enhance strong points and avoid weaknesses); Remains (you should know to the human that money to all people are by no means effective, people finally will comply with their core values, you namely will achieve enable each person to develop his talents, know one's subordinates and assign them properly);
Professional manager: Once had known you have grasped nine personality this tool, what occupation you do know on the nature by yours individuality special characteristic or the enterprise suit your development? How will you break through the individuality limitation, crosses “the enterprise plateau?
Husbands and wives: When you grasped had understood nine personalities, you on the nature knew his/she and you were dissimilar, you exhausted the result which the energy wanted to change possibly to work just the opposite. After but when you have known which his/she is nine one, you will understand immediately his/she, and will even more appreciate his/her
If you anticipated that your children will have a better development in the future: Studies and discovered that his/her individuality special characteristic, utilizes nine personality this tool, helps own children to develop toward the health direction, this possibly really will affect his/her destiny.

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